Interior and Exterior Protection Plans

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Whether your car is brand new or new to you, chances are you'd like to keep it looking in showroom condition for as long as you can. When the keys are handed off, your car will have been detailed inside and out, washed, and waxed.

One of the benefits of purchasing your vehicle from a dealer like Capital Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is we can help you protect the interior and exterior condition of your vehicle to keep it looking as close to showroom condition as possible.

Our climate in Edmonton can sometimes be unforgiving with strong UV rays, extreme temperature swings, excessive rain and snow. All of these are damaging to a vehicle's overall condition and function. The good news is we offer several services to protect your vehicle against these conditions. And since these products are mostly chosen before finalizing your purchase, you can easily finance it along with the car itself.

Fabric Protection

This treatment helps maintain the quality and condition of your vehicle's upholstery. Our solution penetrates individual fibres in the fabric to create a protective barrier that prevents liquids and dirt from soaking into the fabric. This allows liquid spills to be easily wiped up, and helps deter against permanent stains. The treatment is odourless and does not change the colour or feel of the fabrics that it is applied to.

Fabric close up

Leather/Vinyl Protection

This treatment conditions smooth surface interiors such as leather or vinyl. It protects against hardening and cracking of these surfaces by locking in the essential oils and pigments. It prevents against colour fading by shielding the surfaces from powerful ultraviolet rays. As an example, when applied to a dashboard, this treatment leaves a flat satin finish and helps repel dust.

Treated Fabric Close Up

Paint Protection

Because the clear coat on your vehicle's paint is uneven it traps dirt, pollutants, oils and moisture. These eventually ruin the finish of your vehicle over time. In addition, your vehicle's clear coat will only go so far in protecting your vehicle's paint from the sun's harmful rays. The combination of sun depreciation and road wear eventually work together to ruin the finish of your vehicle over time and dull the finish, lowering it's resale value.

By sealing the vehicle's finish with Platinum Paint Protection you can extend the showroom finish of your vehicle, protect it's value and keep it looking pristine for longer.

The Paint Protection is a long lasting sealant that helps to seal in the peaks and valleys of your vehicle's clear coat. By doing this it makes the surface smoother and eliminates the nooks and crannies where dirt and contaminants get caught. In addition, this smoother service is more reflective and absorbs less of the sun's UV radiation while also giving your vehicle a freshly waxed shine.

This treatment guarantees against excessive fading, discoloration, or oxidation caused by the sun and road salt.

Paint Protection

Vehicles have many nooks and crannies that are hard to clean. This is where dirt and moisture collect over time, creating ideal conditions for rust to form. Rust, sometimes referred to as corrosion, is any vehicle's worst enemy. Once rust starts, it is very difficult to stop and as it progresses it can ruin your vehicle's performance, appearance and value. Since rust is of particular concern for vehicles in Edmonton, we offer two solutions that help to keep rust at bay.

Rust Inhibitor Spray

The Rust inhibitor spray creates a physical barrier between your vehicle's metal parts and the elements. It is a synthetic spray that is applied to hard to reach areas of your vehicle where moisture and soil collect and eventually cause rust. The spray bonds to the metal on your car ensuring it doesn't drip or run off during application. The spray is applied using existing holes that allow access between interior and exterior panels so that no drilling or extra holes are required. This one time application can extend the life and preserve the value of your car.

The Rust Inhibitor Spray guarantees against rust perforation from the inside out.

Rust Inhibitor Spray

Corrosion Control Module

A newer development in the fight against rust offers an environmentally friendly and maintenance free solution. Using a simple microprocessor attached under the hood, an electrical current is sent to both the interior and exterior panels of your vehicle's sheet metal including the floorboards and above the window line. Aside from being a "one and done" solution, the Corrosion Control Module also protects more areas than other products including the roof and inseams.

The Corrosion Control Module guarantees against rust perforation from the inside out.

Corrosion Control Module

Naturally, the undercarriage of your vehicle is exposed to the worst abuse from the road. Salt, moisture, dirt, debris and everything else you might encounter on the streets of Edmonton. Eventually, this will lead to erosion and ruin the vital metal components in your vehicle's undercarriage. A novel solution to help combat this is our undercoat protection treatment. We apply a chemical treatment that is sprayed onto the undercarriage of your car to create a physical barrier between the metal and the elements.

Undercoat Protection Treatment

Our Undercoat Protection Treatment seals your vehicle's most vulnerable metal components from the elements. The treatment is specially formulated to be pliable so that it can expand and contract with changing temperatures and movement on the road. The treatment is guaranteed against cracks, peels and chips and will be re-sealed free of charge in the event that any perforations occur.

Like a blanket, the Undercoat Protection Treatment helps to insulate against extreme temperatures while also deadening road noise and vibrations. The bottom line is when you seal your undercarriage, you get additional protection from harsh road conditions and a better ride overall.

Undercoat Protection
Undercoat Application

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